Reference Cases

VIA 3L AS, Estonia

Warehouse reconstruction. Products used: INDUS 1

JYSK, Vilnius, Lithuania

Products used: Indus 2

LED Lighting Solutions for Poultry and Livestock

The importance of correct lighting

Light - the most important exogenous factors that affect any living organism, and especially birds. Understanding and competent control of this factor is an integral and essential part of growing technologies of all areas of the egg and poultry meat. The effect of light is multifaceted. Lighting in the house plays an important role in growing chickens all directions and allows you to manage the process of physiological development of the birds, provide more favorable conditions of its content and to achieve significant growth in virtually all indicators of productivity of the herd. Properly organized lighting system in conjunction with a properly designed lighting program to influence-age of puberty, to ensure the optimal development of the birds, to increase egg production, duration of oviposition, egg size and mass, strength, shell eggs to reduce the fighting.
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