The importance of correct lighting

Light – the most important exogenous factors that affect any living organism, and especially birds. Understanding and competent control of this factor is an integral and essential part of growing technologies of all areas of the egg and poultry meat. The effect of light is multifaceted. Lighting in the house plays an important role in growing chickens all directions and allows you to manage the process of physiological development of the birds, provide more favorable conditions of its content and to achieve significant growth in virtually all indicators of productivity of the herd. Properly organized lighting system in conjunction with a properly designed lighting program to influence-age of puberty, to ensure the optimal development of the birds, to increase egg production, duration of oviposition, egg size and mass, strength, shell eggs to reduce the fighting. Also, should remember, that poultry house lighting system stiffly affecting final cost of production. Seeing how quickly grows up prices for electricity, saving becomes one of main factors for competitive ability. Thus, company manager should decide which lighting system corresponds to high quality standards and are cost efficient at same time. LED provides further opportunities in the pricing policies of the enterprise and increases its profitabilit. The modern poultry farm is huge room with various equipment, which enables high level of productivity with minimal costs.  Using LED lighting system enables the increase of  the survival rate of young birds, lower costs of feed and improve their digestion, reduces bird injuries and reduce electricity costs by 4-15 times. Selecting the mode of lighting should be based on the recommendations of the company – the provider of the birds. If illuminating level is too low it may decrease birds activity and food digestibility, thus reduce meat and eggs productivity.


Good light in the barn has a positive effect on the life of animals, their growth and productivity and brings profit to enterprise. Proved that good lighting, including the optimal control of light, can enhance the level of production by 8-15%.  In barns, usually not enough light, especially in winter. With the right lighting controls, cows receiving the greatest benefit from the light intensity of about 150-200 Lux a 16-hour daytime period. A lighting control in the summer can be useful on cloudy, dark days.

EBL, STAR and INDUS Luminaries

EBL, STAR and INDUS LED luminaries for agriculture sector, for local illumination of hen houses (broilers and hens-laying, the floor and cellular maintenance, parental herds and young growth), animals (cow and pig-breeding facilities), also other accommodations. A series EBL, STAR and INDUS luminaries are very versatile. Also it is much more important, that we can make any types of luminaries off any  length and quantity of LED that plays not a small role in replacement of already existing illumination. All systems of illumination can be supplied with the system of brightness control from 0 up to 100 % (manual adjustment or management through the PC, programming for all productive period). “Sunrise-sunset” mode enables to approach a life of animals to natural conditions as much as possible. For other purposes customer has an possibility to order luminaries with color diodes (red, green, amber and blue).