C2 Smartlight® C2 SmartLumo IP20 5-24VDC

C2 Smartlight® C2 SmartLumo IP20 5-24VDC

C2 SmartLumo is innovative solution for luminaire specific control based on tested technology. The solution suits every LED luminaire of any manufacturer. C2Lumo has been designed to maximize utilization of LED features, which generates additional energy savings.

 The controller can be implemented  inside lighting pole or integrated with LED luminaire. After the installation customer is able to define lighting schedule remotely via user interface of control solution. Also C2Lumo can operate “Stand-Alone” by astronomical clock and dimming luminaires according to default profile.

The unique feature of C2Lumo controller is an interface for direct connection of movement sensor. By connecting movement sensor to the controller, lights are triggered by movement and lighting operates according to user specific dimming profile. For example, when sensor detects a car, lights are switched on full power and are dimmed 20% for 15 minutes. Then lights can be dimmed 40% and finally switched off totally or be dimmed to minimum level in order to maintain safety lighting.

All parameters can be customized according to your requirements.

Article No Title W Lm Lm / W Louvre CCT(k) Kg (Netto) Kg (Brutto) IES File PDF File

C2 SmartLumo main features Order Number: C2LT01021
Dimming  DALI, 1-10V DC
Wireless connection   RF
Data communication   Zigbee, IP network, Mesh network
Ingress protection  IP67
Types of luminaires  All LED luminaires
Operating temperatures    -40…+70 oC
Control  Based on  movement sensor/”Stand-Alone”/wirelessly via management software
Encryption  AES 256

Reference Cases


Precast Factory in Dubai. Product Used INDUS 1

Vilnius Airport, Lithuania

Products used: LOTUS-1 Series "Click"

ZIRNIU street ( Vilnius, Lithuania)

Products used - Lotus 1, Lotus 2.

Central park, Panevezys, Lithuania

Products used: Pyrus 1