ENIM UAB, as a manufacturer of proven and reliable luminaries and lighting control systems, understands the increasing complexity of issues developers face. In spite of a broad range of industry leading products, ENIM UAB is readily aware that manufacturers cannot always meet the requirements of each and every customer, particularly when a customer needs a bespoke variation not offered through a standard product – e.g. a modified control system or indeed, a custom product length. To respond to this need, ENIM UAB  offers a modification or bespoke approach to meeting customers’ specific needs where these are not met by a standard product. Tailored solutions typically offer modifications to an existing product to meet specific project demands. As appropriate, ENIM  solution team will project manage the whole process, ensuring that you receive an integrated solution to meet your particular needs. So do not hesitate to Contact Us, and we will be pleased to offer a solution designed specially for You!

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